In November, we were proud to partner with  NFU Energy  as part of our pledge to growing our network to 10,000 chargers in all corners of the UK.

We’re working with farmers and landowners to help provide additional revenue streams for agricultural businesses, while also providing the infrastructure the country needs to meet its net zero targets.

To achieve our ambitious goal, we need to partner with forward-thinking landowners who would like to bring rapid EV charging to their area. And in the NFU we’ve certainly found a great many interested parties! Throughout our discussions with the farming community, we’ve come across some common questions and have provided the answers below…

I’m a farmer or landowner with space near a road. Can I work with InstaVolt to bring rapid EV charging to my area?

Yes. We’re looking to partner with landowners across the UK who have plots of land next to M, A or B roads where EV drivers could benefit from a top-up.

We’ll need access to power to connect the charger to our renewable energy provider.

And as the average charge takes around 40 minutes, ideally it will be close to some local amenities – this could be a shop, café, restaurant or leisure facilities to keep everyone entertained.

I run a farm shop. Is this a good location for rapid EV chargers?

It most certainly is. As well as working with national brands, we love working with independent business owners who are passionate about providing clean charging facilities for drivers.

Our chargers require 24-hour access, so if your carpark is open around the clock – even once your farm shop is closed – then we’d love to hear from you! If you have concerns about security, we can assure you the EV community is very respectful.

What will I get in return for my land?

We cover the cost of planning applications, installation and maintenance of all our rapid EV chargers – meaning it costs you nothing to provide EV charging facilities. In fact, you’ll actually earn money as we pay rent for all land we use.

If you run a farm shop or similar roadside business, you will benefit from increased footfall and dwell time. The EV community is vocal about its favourite charging locations, and you are likely to see additional mentions crop up on social media.

Plus, you’ll be doing your bit for the world around us – and showing your customers that you are forward-thinking and environmentally conscious.

Interested in bringing the nation’s favourite public rapid charging network to your land? Get in touch!