London, 22nd November 2022. Climate Change Ventures (CCV) and InstaVolt UK have made an exclusive arrangement to improve the infrastructure of rapid EV chargers in the Iberian Peninsula, in response to increased demand for environmentally friendly transport solutions.

InstaVolt develops and installs rapid EV charge points across the UK through a simple to access method which allows all EV users to utilise charge points on a pay-as-you-go basis. CCV and its sister company Resero Power, are working with local partners, through subsidiaries in both Portugal and Spain, to provide residents of those countries with the same levels of service, expertise, and ease of use already available at around 900 InstaVolt charging stations in the UK.

Neil Hutchings, International Development Director at InstaVolt said: “Our sole focus is in providing public, rapid charging infrastructure. This means all our resources and management are directed at building a long-term, sustainable business to offer the best charging experience to EV drivers internationally. Our efforts are reflected in our industry leading reputation amongst drivers, journalists, and industry commentators”.

The new relationship uses InstaVolt’s proven charger technology, powered by 100% renewable energy, to deliver a flawless customer experience and is supported by a dedicated telephone helpline. It offers both drivers and businesses a simple, cost-effective solution, with rapid charging solutions for customers.

In response to concerns around climate change, demand continues to mount from local authorities, business owners, fleet operators and consumers for environmentally friendly transportation options. CCV and InstaVolt share a desire to meet that demand in a simple, transparent, and highly efficient way.

Horacio Carvalho, CEO of CCV Ltd said: “CCV is committed to the decarbonisation of the planet. In that endeavour we are at one with InstaVolt. Our relationship will stimulate business wherever charging stations are located and will bring a new dimension of convenience to EV drivers. Together we are working to improve national and international EV charging facilities and at the same time, making significant reductions to greenhouse gas emissions. We firmly believe that initiatives like this will go a long way to safeguarding the future of the planet for our children and our children’s children”

Arrangements are being finalised in both Portugal and Spain with business clients who share the CCV/InstaVolt vision. The first charging stations are expected to be deployed in early 2023.