Winter is here again, and with it comes the excitement of cosy evenings by the fire, marshmallow-topped hot chocolates, and the building of snowmen. (Not to mention, it’s the only season where it’s acceptable for an adult to wear a fluffy festive onesie!)

Sadly though, our excitement often disappears as we are faced with those extra early morning starts to ensure the car is defrosted and the driveway is clear. With frost, ice and snow all presenting their own difficulties this time of year, we’ve teamed up with our helpline partners at the AA to bring you the best advice for managing in these tough conditions and how to get the best out of your EV this winter.

Don’t let winter make you a Scrooge this year – travel with care by following these top tips.

Helping you To Reach Your Destination Safely This Winter

Top tip: Avoid harsh acceleration or braking – and remember braking distances are increased ten times when driving on snow or ice.

It’s always recommended that you avoid driving when conditions outside are unpredictable and potentially dangerous. When travel can’t be avoided, electric vehicles may be at an advantage when driving on snow and ice.

Based on the power characteristics of an electric motor, EVs are able to easily pull away with minimal wheel spin in difficult conditions. Furthermore, with no need to change gears, drivers will find they are less likely to slip and slide when accelerating. 

Changes In Temperature Can Affect Your EVs Battery And Range

Top tip: Be aware of changes to range.

It’s a well known fact that when we’re cold, our everyday actions are just that little bit harder. Well, the same goes for most EVs when faced with low temperatures.

The biggest effect of cold weather on electric vehicles is their reduced driving range. This is because batteries rely on chemical reactions to absorb and release electricity. When temperatures are low, this slows down the reactions, which in turn reduces the battery’s performance.

Not to worry though, as we have over 650 chargers across the UK, all in easy-to-reach locations, meaning you won’t need to look too far when you are in need of a rapid charge!

Travel Safe With Extra Grip 

Top tip: Winter tyres will provide you with maximum grip when driving this winter.

Electric vehicles can be quite heavy which, in turn, could result in significant handling problems when faced with slippery conditions. With winter tyres, drivers can worry less about spinning due to their improved grip. This is good for all types of winter weather including cold and wet conditions, not just snow and ice. An alternative option is to fit ‘all-season’ tyres instead.

And remember: cold temperatures can decrease tyre pressure, which can then increase rolling resistance, draining your battery more quickly. Make sure to check your tyre pressure this winter.

Don’t Get Caught Out In The Cold

Top tip: Be prepared for potential winter mishaps with an in-car survival kit.

Snow can bring unprecedented dilemmas to drivers, so much so that Chris Rea even wrote a song about it.

No one likes being ‘top to toe in tailbacks’ with ‘red lights all around’, but with our in-car survival kit we’ve got you covered for all potential winter travel disasters.

Here’s our top ten must haves this winter:

  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • In-car phone charger
  • First aid kit
  • Spare set of warm clothes and waterproofs
  • Flask of hot drink
  • Snacks
  • Shovel
  • Jump leads
  • Hi-vis jacket


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