Ah, summer! The days are longer, the smell of suncream lingers in the air, and deciding which ice cream to choose is the toughest choice you have to make – it’s bliss.

However, as a country that rarely gets to see the sun, it can often be a bit of an adjustment to acclimate ourselves to the warmth and glow of those hot summer rays – and your electric vehicle is just the same.

Although the warmer weather can actually be good for your EV – and you of course – it’s always good to take precautions when you’re in the sun. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for an easy breezy summer for you and your EV.

One: Just be cool

As much as we love the warmer weather, when it gets too much we’ll do anything to cool ourselves down – whether it’s taking over your kid’s paddling pool or buying a giant fan for every room of the house.

Therefore, with the aim of keeping all things cool this summer, your EV might just be able to help. Many electric vehicles now have a preconditioning function that will allow you to heat or cool your car remotely – which is not only good for you, but great for your EV’s energy.

By preconditioning your vehicle, you can maximise the range of your battery – and if your EV is plugged in during preconditioning, then you won’t need to worry about losing energy before setting off on your journey.

Plus, as an added bonus, by preconditioning your EV you’ll be limiting the need to blast the aircon, which will also save energy and extend your battery range.

Two: Find some shade

We understand that you want to have the best tan in the office, but sometimes the safer option is to just sit back and relax in the shade – and your EV would agree!

We’ve already established that we don’t like to feel all hot and bothered – it makes us grumpy, uncomfortable and a little lethargic – so imagine how your EV would feel, you know… if it had emotions.

Where possible, try to park your EV in the shade. This will help to keep your EV cooler, preventing your battery from overheating in the sun and mitigating the amount of energy you lose as a result.

It’s important to remember, that this isn’t just an issue for EV drivers, as heat can also have negative effects on ICE vehicles.

Three: Make sure to remember the essentials

We’re talking suncream, aftersun, water, ice lollies…

If you’re planning a roadtrip to the beach, or perhaps further afield, you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed all the essentials that will help you enjoy the sunny weather. And when it comes to your EV, we have a few top tips before setting off on your adventures.

The good thing is, unlike ICE vehicles that require a lot more attention – like checking oil levels – an EV is fairly straightforward. All we recommend for a safe and happy journey, is to:

Finally, be mindful of your driving. Just like their petrol and diesel counterparts, EVs will lose more energy when drivers brake or accelerate aggressively, which will impact your vehicle’s overall range. With many electric cars now having regenerative braking – a feature that stores energy when you brake gently and gradually – you can enhance your battery range, while also taking care in your EV.

So now that you’re summer ready, where will you be going?