The speed, the noise, the atmosphere. Formula One is a legendary sport with millions of fans around the world. But, Formula One needs to watch its back, as Formula E, the all-electric powered motor sport, is starting to pick up pace.

The sport is rapidly growing in popularity amongst the younger, eco-conscious generation of motor sport fans. Last year, the net zero event announced it has a cumulative audience of 316 million viewers – a 32 per cent increase compared to the previous season.

What’s more impressive is just how far the sport has come. In the early days, drivers were required to swap cars midway through the race due to battery-life restrictions.

Last season at Monaco, an extended layout was used because the EV race cars had developed so much, they could take it on.

With the advancements of technology and growing popularity, it’s time we saw Formula E, not only as an entertaining sport, but as an opportunity. An opportunity to showcase how far the sector’s come and how far it plans to go, with the goal of increasing uptake and consumer confidence in EVs.

There are still barriers

While charge point roll-out must keep pace with the acceleration in plug-in vehicle registrations, the rate of growth in infrastructure in the UK is encouraging. Companies are working hard and are committed to installing more chargers. At InstaVolt, we have pledged to install 10,000 rapid chargers over the next 10 years, but more can be done to instil confidence in current EV drivers; a survey found half of EV drivers want to see improvements in charge point availability and reliability across the board. This year, InstaVolt ranked in first place as the most reliable public EV charger according to ZapMap, but all public chargers need to be reliable if more people are going to make the switch. That’s why the government’s new law that required public charger providers to have 99 per cent reliability rate is a step in the right direction.

What role can Formula E play?

Formula E highlights just how far the EV sector has come and showcases the new technology that’s emerging. It’s bringing it to the everyday consumer in an exciting, tangible, entertaining way.

The new Gen3 car, which will debut in early 2023 in season 9 of Formula E, will be capable of rapid-charging at up to 600kW. This means recharging pit stops can take place for the first time ever in Formula E.

Alongside revealing new, advanced EVs, Formula E can also demonstrate how far EV chargers have come. ABB, a global technology leader, launched the new Terra 360 to be used at Formula E. The charger is able to fully charge any suitable EV in less than 15 minutes, and deliver 100km, or 62 miles, of range in less than three minutes. An impressive figure as it takes around four and a half minutes to fill up a tank of petrol, demonstrating the innovation and progress in the field.

Alongside the technology strides EVs are making, huge names in Formula One are getting behind Formula E. With Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel and former racing driver, Susie Wolff, getting involved in the sport, this will help to raise Formula E’s and the status of EVs in the motoring world as genuine competitors.

Seeing success in action through Formula E is the best place to start encourage potential EV drivers to make the switch. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the ease of an EV and also display what the future of EV charging will look like.