3rd February, 2023: Leading electric vehicle charge point network, InstaVolt, is today announcing an extensive upgrade program to over 200 of its existing “ChargePoint CPE250” chargers across the network, with work commencing this week.

The upgrades will be completed over the next six weeks, with all upgrades finalised by the end of March 2023. The 50kW chargers will be upgraded, making each charger capable of outputting up to 125kW, significantly reducing charging times.

The newly upgraded chargers will join InstaVolt’s already established network of high-speed chargers. Once works are completed, with more chargers capable of delivering charging speeds of 100kW+ than any other fully public network, InstaVolt will be the largest ultra-rapid network in the UK. Customers will be able to track progress of the upgrades via InstaVolt’s social media channels, and the newly upgraded chargers can be identified using InstaVolt’s charger map, the InstaVolt app or on digital EV platforms such as Zap-Map.

Adrian Keen, CEO of InstaVolt says: “With this round of upgrades, drivers will experience faster rates of charging on our popular CPE250 chargers, subject to their car being able to accept greater than 50kW. This will reduce charging times and allow drivers to get back on the road sooner.

“The majority of EVs on the road will benefit from this upgrade. With most of our CPE250s located next to convenience retail, and roadside food and drinks outlets including operators such as Costa Coffee and McDonald’s, this is another example of InstaVolt perfectly matching charging speeds to dwell time and providing an even better experience for its drivers.”

“The upgrades also benefit our fleet customers and is another great step to support the electrification of future fleets, reducing charging times and getting drivers back on the road quickly”.

The upgrades to the network follow several site expansions, with additional chargers being added to existing high footfall locations to support drivers as EV numbers grow. It forms part of InstaVolt’s commitment to not only growing the UK’s charging infrastructure, but improving the reliability and customer experience for EV owners across the UK.