InstaVolt shared its insight into the future of electric car charging on BBC Radio 4 last night.

As an expert in the field of rapid charging, the company was called upon to give its take on the UK’s journey towards an electric future for the popular In Business show.

CEO Tim Payne talked about how a reliable public charging network will be vital to supporting tomorrow’s EV drivers and how advances in battery technology will change the way we charge electric cars.

He told the show: “The technology is evolving very quickly. Manufacturers are putting their whole R&D budgets behind developing these vehicles. The battery capacity will increase, so the range will increase and accordingly the rate they charge at will increase. So that 40 minutes they’re taking charge today will be coming down to 12 or 13 minutes in the future.”

Tim was featured talking alongside other leaders in the EV field including experts from Nissan Europe and Shell.

To listen to the show visit the BBC website.