• InstaVolt and Starling Bank will launch a new marketing initiative which utilises the rapid charging network as a full suite advertising channel,  the first nationwide partnership of its kind
  • 100 InstaVolt chargers are to be covered in Starling Bank branded wrap in the busiest summer destination sites, including strategic A/M road locations across the heart of the UK
  • Starling Bank will also appear in onscreen adverts and have an in-app presence, as the bank continues its mission of being a digital, branchless, paperless bank running on renewable energy

InstaVolt, a leading rapid electric vehicle charger network, has today announced a new partnership with Starling, the leading digital bank which will utilise its rapid charging network as a full service advertising channel from 12th July.

The branded wrap of 100 of InstaVolt’s nationwide changepoints, on-screen advertising and incorporation within the digital app will be a first of its kind partnership, enabling Starling Bank to break into the emerging market of EV drivers. The relationship demonstrates Starling Bank’s commitment to further reducing its carbon footprint, as well as the growing popularity of electric vehicles, rapid charging and the value they now hold as an advertising channel.

InstaVolt’s Chief Executive Officer Adrian Keen said: “We’re delighted to announce this new collaboration with Starling – a bank that is challenging traditional practice and has committed itself to becoming fully net-zero. We’re proud to support them on this journey and will be proactive in our efforts towards helping them reach a new breed of consumer.

“The partnership demonstrates the potential that EVs and charging network points offer UK businesses as we head toward net zero targets, and is indicative of growing consumer appetite for hybrid and EV options as the climate change issue becomes more urgent.”

Anne Boden, founder and CEO of Starling Bank said: “We know that many of our customers care deeply about the environment. InstaVolt is a driving force in electric vehicle charging and our partnership fits perfectly with that.”

Starling Bank is currently undertaking a carbon emissions audit in order to further reduce its carbon footprint and offset emissions. In March 2021, Starling became the first UK bank to start issuing Mastercard debit cards made from recycled plastic, giving customers a greener way to pay.

InstaVolt is one of the country’s leading EV charge point networks. The brand’s technology delivers rapid charge via a simple, contactless payment and doesn’t require a customer subscription. The 120 kW charge points can add 220 miles of range in half an hour.