It’s time for another yearly round-up and this time we’ve got a theme: the big three!

From April last year to this very moment, we’re celebrating our biggest year, our biggest month and our biggest week of energised chargers across the network! So let us share with you all, what’s been happening across the InstaVolt network since April 2021.

The biggest year

This year we’ve been keeping up our end of the bargain and rolling out the installation of our rapid electric vehicle chargers across the country. We’ve grown our network by a massive 45% – expanding our reach across the UK in our efforts to bring EV chargers to the masses.

In May 2021 we announced that we’d be teaming up with the nation’s favourite coffee shop, Costa Coffee as one of our onsite partner services and as it stands, we’ve installed 14 rapid EV chargers at seven different Costa Coffee sites, with plenty more on the way.

Sticking with our partner installations, in December 2020 we installed our first chargers with our national partner McDonald’s Restaurants. Sixteen months on and we’ve energised 125 new charging stations in restaurants nationwide, along the UK’s major A and M roads.

We’ve also joined forces with leading privately owned investment and property management company, LCP which now has 30 InstaVolt chargers across its portfolio of shopping parades and centres nationwide.

With these partnerships flourishing and still more to come, we’ve been actively meeting the promise we made to our customers to provide facilities where they can stop to eat, drink, shop or relax while they charge.

Additionally, we’ve been working with local councils including Somerset West and Taunton Council and Epping Forest District Council to support them as they enhance EV charging infrastructure for their communities, and aim to meet carbon neutrality targets.

However, we’ve saved the best for last. In August 2021 we celebrated the installation of our first high powered BYD chargers that are capable of charging EVs at up to 120kW. This means faster charging and shorter waiting times for our customers. But watch this space as we work to increase this speed to 150kW and expand our BYD charger locations.

The biggest month

It seems only right that our biggest month in this past year has been March – a perfect end before we embark on a new business year and new opportunities.

But what’s been so great about this month?

Well, if you’re a superfan of InstaVolt, you might recall that this time last year we were celebrating a momentous month of charger installations. That’s right, last March we could hardly believe our eyes when we read that 62 chargers were installed by our fantastic team across the nation in just one month. And yet, here we are, one year later and we’ve broken our own record, installing an electrifying 65 new chargers this month.

The biggest week

Which brings us to our biggest week and if you thought March being our biggest month was a fitting tribute to this year, then think again.

As we set our goals for the year ahead, we celebrated this final achievement on the last week of our business calendar. In just one week alone our mighty team of engineers and experts across the UK, have energised an impressive 29 InstaVolt chargers across our network!

We believe it is this can-do attitude that makes our team the best and we look forward to seeing all that they can achieve in the year to come!